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VSCode Productivity Tips & Tricks

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More than likely I am a Microsoft developer tool advocate. My first language was c++ using Visual Studio. Haven’t stopped sipping the kool aid since. Even though my primary language is golang today.


Same principle as your web browser. Keep track of places in the code that you know you will need to come back to.


  • Label bookmarks
  • Side view for all bookmarks per file
  • Search bookmarks Cons:
  • Unable to add multiple lines per a bookmark.

Zen Mode

Full screen for your editor. VSCode references zen mode as distraction free mode. No link available, however here is how to enable. Zen Mode: [View > Appearance > Toggle Zen Mode] Center Layout: [View > Appearance > Toggle Centered Layout]


  • Minimize distractions of other windows Cons: * Split screen unapplicable. Difficult to view other windows if you don not have multiple monitors. Remember good developers copy. Great developers paste. – Kelsey Hightower
  • You must configure or know standard key bindings to search for files or toggle sidebar panels. * Integrated terminal doesn’t center


Workspaces provides a way to work on and view multiple projects at one time. Even if your company uses a monorepo, that is a great way to minimize how many directories you have to click up or down in the side view.


My most used extension. For example use of tracking progress of a current coding task. At times I get walk ups from coworkers or have to attend a meeting. Sadly, I’m slightly extroverted than the average introvert, so I typically write down my last train of thought. When I get back to working I have a memo where I left off. Memos also help with my tab problem. If I find an interesting blog post, documentation or tracking an open source bug issue i’ll leave it in a memo.


  • Good for meeting not tracking. Don’t have to use another application
  • Supports markdown
  • Searchable


The ultimate git cheat mode in the UI.


  • Visualize track your previous changes
  • Visual other revisions * View commit history
  • Search commit history
  • Visualize who to blame

Code CLI

Few maybe unfamiliar, but you may use $ code In the command line to perform actions such as launching a new window for a directory or file. Or just launching the editor front he terminal in general.


Allows you to set the color of your Vscode workspace. If you develop in multiple repositories or normally have multiple instances of Vscode open, then this allows you to quickly distinguish between them.

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