Getting Started With ttrpc
· โ˜• 3 min read · โœ๏ธ Allee Clark
Use a low latency rpc framework

Getting Started With Go Getter
· โ˜• 2 min read · โœ๏ธ Allee Clark
A small example of HashiCorp's GoGetter

My Daily Work Routine
· โ˜• 2 min read · โœ๏ธ allee
How I schedule my day

What decision should I make about an incident?
· โ˜• 4 min read
This is mainly written from a production engineerโ€™s view. This might be helpful for an engineer who is response for some production service, and just wants a sanity checkโ€ฆ On with the question. Sometimes you have legacy software that most of your companyโ€™s critical path relies on. That software hasn’t powered off in X amount of scary years. Some combination of documentation, automation of task and source control code is nonexistent.